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Why Costa Rica?

Top Reasons to Purchase Real Estate and invest in Costa Rica

Biodiversity and Natural Wonders - Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama and bordering the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea is the sultry nation of Costa Rica. 6 percent of the existing biodiversity in the entire world flourishes within the stunning black and white sand coastlines, wondrous waterfalls, and rugged volcanic cones that make up the mountains in the tropical land.

Peaceful and Diverse Nation - In 2006 the capital city of San José was appointed Ibero-American Capital of Culture. Costa Rica is one of the most peaceful nations on the planet, with no standing army and the headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Foreign investors have been attracted to Costa Rica’s political stability and the high education levels of their citizens. 

International Trade and Growing Economy - Costa Rica has traditionally exported bananas, coffee, sugar, and beef, but the backbone of commodity export trade has recently expanded to include strong technology and tourism sectors, keeping the standard of living and land ownership rates high. In recent years, Costa Rica has boasted the highest levels of foreign direct investment per capita in Latin America. The continuous incentives offered in the free-trade zones appeals to the growing variety of industrial and specialized agricultural products. GDP in Costa Rica was worth $45.13 billion in 2012, with tourism and export of goods making up 19.5 percent of the total GDP.

Top Destination for Expatriates - In recent years, MSNBC labeled Costa Rica as the hottest real estate market on the planet, with a commercial bank prime lending rate over 18 percent as of December 2012. Demand for luxury homes in the San José area is getting stronger as real estate investments continue to rise in Costa Rica’s stable economy. Individual buyers pay around 2 percent of the purchase price, and properties in Costa Rica are almost always priced in United States dollars. Typically, the seller is responsible for paying the entire real estate commission, which may range from 3 to 10 percent of a property sale price.

Modern Conveniences - Modern conveniences like two international airports, high-speed Internet, good phone services, easy to navigate taxi and bus systems, and high-quality and affordable health care continue to draw in new expatriates and investors. Direct flights to North and Central America and Europe are available at both airports, and both also service flights to South America and the Caribbean.


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