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Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale For Rent Retirement Living

Costa Rica, is a stunning and peaceful country with the highest biodiversity in the world. Costa Rica offers incredible views and stunning real estate, ranging from luxury oceanfront homes to affordable fincas and single family homes in traditional villages.

Costa Rica Oceanfront Real Estate Properties

Costa Rica has two oceans and two main cultures.  On the Pacific Ocean you can typically find Costa Ricans lovingly nicknamed "Ticos" and on the Atlantic Ocean, especially in and around Limon, you will find an English-speaking, Jamaican influenced, African-Caribbean culture.

Created by still active volcanoes, this country has incredibly diverse altitude and landscapes that offer a range of climates.

 Throughout the central part of the country you can find eternal summer with optimal climates (explaining why 2/3 of the population lives here!)

If your desire is to experience the fauna and flora of the warm and tropical rainforests, visit the South & Central Pacific and the Caribbean coastal areas.  If you prefer a dry climate with seasonal changes, or a jungle to still see the autumn colors in a variety of trees, then try the dry forests of the northwest Pacific Coast of Guanacaste and western valleys of Costa Rica.

Costa Ricans take great pride in their country and are very open people welcoming foreigners. The relatively low crime rate and no military, coupled with a multitude of natural diversity within such a small space, makes living in Costa Rica an experience filled with beauty and excitement. The country has four types of rain forests and over 60 clearly visible volcanic mountains!

Costa Rica, meaning "Rich Coast", was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish the use of a national army. With foreigners having the same property ownership rights as nationals, by granting them a title through a transparent and respectable legal system, purchasing Costa Rica Real Estate is simple. Foreign Home buyers have and continue to come, especially from North America and Europe with Asian, Russian and Arabic immigration on a steady incline.

Propertyshelf´s vision for an adaptive and powerful MLS solutions originated in Costa Rica.  Propertyshelf signed a 10 year agreement to be the exclusive and official MLS provider together with the Real Estate Chamber of Costa Rica.  All property listings are verified with the national registry for accuracy and ensure marketable title to the benefit to the public and real estate professionals.